Three Color Codes:

Blue — Sport Pilot Training for Non-Pilots
Green — Transition Training for FAA Rated Pilots
Red — Classes Booked/ Closed to Enrollment
* To determine which class is best for your situation, please book a consultation by clicking on the button below. If a class location hasn’t already been determined, that can be coordinated during the consultation.

Become an FAA certificated pilot in two weeks or less.

Twelve hours is the minimum flight training required by the FAA to obtain a Powered Parachute Sport Pilot License.

I. Government & Defense:
Competency Training and Certification.


II. Civilian:
The FAA Sport Pilot License (SPL) is a new type of pilot certificate designed to get you safely and easily trained for recreational flying in Light Sport Aircraft. By restricting recreational flying for sport pilots to daytime, good weather, and in uncongested airspace, much of the complexities of learning to fly have been removed. As a result, the time and cost commitment to learn to fly are now half what they previously were.