Manuals & Documentation

Manuals & Documentation


SkyRunner MK 3.2

1. Pilot Operating Handbook / Aircraft Operating Instructions
2. Maintenance Manual
3. Flight Training Supplement
4. Weight & Loading
5. FAA Statement of Compliance 8130-15


1. Advisory Feedback & Reporting Form
2. Major Repair and Alteration
3. Wing Reporting Form- PD SR 550


If purchasing a used aircraft email the following to SkyRunner at [email protected]

Please Include:
i) N Number,
ii) Serial Number,
iii) Name of Seller,
iv) Name and Address of New Owner

SkyRunner, LLC manuals may be revised in the future and safety directives may be issued for the aircraft. Hence, it is imperative that owners register their aircraft with SkyRunner and promptly notifies SkyRunner of any changes to their contact details in writing or email. Owners registered will be notified of safety directives and directed for the applicable information. It is owner’s responsibility to keep abreast of all safety of flight issues for the aircraft. It is required that the owner checks this website for updates and notices and acts accordingly.


FAA N-Number Verification
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