Big News from SkyRunner – August 2014 Newsletter

We have so much exciting news to tell you about this month but none more important than what just happened a few days ago: We received our FAA Certificate of Airworthiness!

This is a colossal milestone, as many similar aircraft have had to wait much longer to get this mandatory certification, and we are thrilled.


And now, some even more exciting news…

Department of Defense Military Program
We are proud to announce that SkyRunner will be partnering with Assessment & Training Solutions Consulting Corp. (ATSCC), to provide a turn-key military training program for the SkyRunner off-road/aerial platform. ATSCC is a leading supplier of specialized training solutions and professional services for Military and Homeland Security. For more on ATSCC, click here.

A sneak peek at the D.o.D. Military Prototype…
ONLY you are getting this exclusive look at the military prototype. Notice anything new?


That’s right! The long-awaited two-seater is in the testing phase and it’s FAST! This has been a big development that many are very excited about.

Synthetic Vision System
Along with the second seat addition, we’re continuing to add innovative features that will enhance the overall experience of the SkyRunner adventure. So far, nothing we’ve added quite compares to what we’re about to show you. Now part of the SkyRunner package, click here for the experience of AeroGlass.
Augmented HUD Bulleted

Lastly, there’s this: RedBull Energy Drink has named SkyRunner one the GREATEST ADVENTURE VEHICLES OF ALL TIME!


That is all for now. If you have any questions or comments regarding the information in this email, please reach out to us by emailing to or filling out a contact form.

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